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Wholesale Industry Insurance Solutions.

You know your niche. You’ve identified your market, refined your inventory, and perfected your delivery network. You fulfill your orders on time and try to give the highest value to your customers. Your product is in demand, and you have developed the relationships you need to transition your bulk goods from warehouse to distribution point.

The wholesale industry faces its share of challenges—from sourcing batches to replenishment, due date performance to transport vehicle breakdowns. In both real-world and virtual enterprises, wholesalers must be flexible and prepared to adjust to both the demands of an ever-changing market and the many X factors that can affect your system.

Professional Insurance Associates has developed particular expertise in serving the needs of wholesalers and distributers. At PIA, we can help each business entity decide on the type of coverage, coverage limits, and services to cover, from peak season endorsements to product recall expenses.

While wholesalers deal in quantity, we at PIA counterpoint that approach by dealing in quality. We can provide you with affordable, flexible insurance protection for the tools of your trade to minimize downtime and keep your enterprise running smoothly.


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