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Your clients trust you with their most confidential information and rely on your insider expertise to help navigate the risks and returns of their investments. You provide investment advice, money management, and market analysis, and your integrity is as closely integrated into your business as your final outcome.

Think of us as a specialized subcontractor: You are the authority in your field and we can work with you to make sure you are protected from all sorts of contingencies.

Our job description is the same: At Professional Insurance Associates, our reputation is based on two generations of protecting our clients’ assets and analyzing all products available to find the best match. Our 50 years of experience allows us to anticipate vulnerabilities and protect you from unforeseen problems.

At PIA, we can help each financial service enterprise decide on the type of coverage, coverage limits, and services to cover, including crises events, dissolution, and computer viruses and hackers that may compromise your clients’’ confidentiality.


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